SU Abroad Course in Lebanon, Jordan Solidifies Transnational Pedagogies, Practices

October 14, 2015

"Global Perspectives, Local Contexts" examines feminism, gender, and sexuality in the Arab World

A new study abroad course, titled “Global Perspectives, Local Contexts: Women and Gender in the Arab World,” was launched this past summer in the College of Arts and Sciences. Taught by Carol Fadda-Conrey and Dana Olwan, professors of English and women’s & gender studies (WGS), respectively, the course took place in Lebanon and Jordan, where students directly engaged with issues pertaining to the study of feminism, gender, and sexuality in the Arab world.

Hosted by the Lebanese American University (LAU) and University of Jordan (UJ), the course consolidated relations between the University and these well-established academic institutions. Prior to conducting the course, with support from Fadda-Conrey and Olwan, the University signed academic exchange agreements with both institutions, thus broadening its relationships with public and private academic institutions in the Arab Middle East. Read More at: AS News