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Undergraduate Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies integrates theory and practice with the aim of transforming social relations, representations, knowledges, institutions, and policies. Through interdisciplinary and comparative approaches, students engage in the study of gender intersectionally and transnationally as a means of understanding the complex ways that ideas and practices about gender, past and present, shape the world around us. Issues of justice, social and economic transformation, and women's agency are central and at each level of study the curriculum emphasizes race, ethnicity, nationality, class, age, sexuality, and different abilities as categories of analysis. 

Major Requirements

The B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies requires a minimum of 33 credits (at least 18 in courses numbered 300 and above) selected from courses listed below. Although the major is granted and administered under the auspices of the College of Arts and Sciences, students are able, and in some cases encouraged, to take elective courses in the professional schools. Requirements for the major include five core courses, three courses from the course grouping Power, Privilege, and Exclusion in Feminist Thought; and three electives, two core electives and one general elective selected from a list of approved cross-listed courses. Note: Students seeking Academic Distinction in Women’s and Gender Studies must register for WGS 498 Senior Project in Women’s and Gender Studies. A Designation of OFFICIAL ACADEMIC PLAN form must be submitted to home college to declare your major.

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Minor Requirement

The minor in Women and Gender Studies requires 21 credits of coursework (at least 15 in courses numbered 300 or above). In keeping with the guidelines for the major, the concentration requires students to take the five core courses and two electives; one core elective, and one general elective chosen from an approved list of cross-listed courses. A DECLARATION OF MINOR form must be submitted to your home college to declare your minor.

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